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#429 Cover from Croatia

A cover from Croatia, sent by Dragan Buskulic.

On the cover, Dragan affixed six stamps, three of them are vignette stamps. Three stamps show beautiful castles in Croatia and the three vignette stamps show the heralds or coat of arms of the castle’s owner. The postmark date is 18 September 2012 and the location is Rijeka. Thank you very much Dragan!

#428 Postcard from Croatia

Today I received a postcard and a cover from Croatia, both sent by Dragan Buskulic.

It’s a multiview postcard with photos of National Parks in Croatia.

At the back, Dragan affixed one stamp with picture of octopus. The postmark date is 18 September 2012 and the location is Rijeka. Thank you Dragan!

2012-09-28 Outgoing Mails: 5 covers and 1 postcard

Several mails and one postcard into the drop box today!

Covers: China, Croatia, France, Japan, and U.S.A.

Postcard: Russia.

#427 Registered FDC from Taiwan

A registered FDC from Taiwan!

Its the Teas of Taiwan Souvenir Sheet FDC. This is my second copy of this FDC (check my entry #425), except that this one is registered.

This is the back of the FDC. Unfortunately, there is no information about the sender. This is the third time that I received a beautiful cover from Taiwan from an unknown sender (check my previous entries #340 and #392). I know that this registered FDC and the registered FDC in entry #392 are from the same person. Any guess? Thank you very much to the sender…

2012-09-27 Outgoing Mails: 3 postcards and 9 covers

Several covers dropped at Post Office this morning:

Postcards: Germany, Netherlands, and U.S.A.

Covers: Algeria (3x), Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, and U.S.A. (2x).

#426 Cover from China

A cover from China, sent by Mr. Wei Xu of Suzhou.

On the cover, Wei Xu affixed five stamps issued to commemorate London Olympics 2012. The postmark date is 6 September 2012. Thank you very much Wei Xu!

#425 FDC from Taiwan

An FDC from Taiwan, sent by James Chen.

It’s the Teas of Taiwan Souvenir Sheet FDC issued by Chunghwa Post on 12 September 2012. James used the beautiful souvenir sheet with five stamps on the FDC.

This is the back of the FDC. I love tea and my favorite is Tieguanyin, which I guess is featured on the second stamp from left! Thanks a lot James for this beautiful FDC!

#424 Postcard from Pahang, Malaysia

A postcard from Pahang, a state in east coast of West Malaysia sent by Yip Hin Wai.

The postcard shows a beach in Cherating, a beautiful fishing village in Pahang.

On the back, Yip affixed four definitive stamps. These definitive stamps have become rare items! The postmark datei s 22 August 2012 and the location is Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang. Thanks a lot Yip!

#423 Postcard from Hong Kong Disneyland

This is the last postcard that I sent from Hong Kong to my address in Canada. On 4 September 2012, my family and I visited Hong Kong Disneyland. We spent the whole day having lots of fun! As it was a weekday, there were not many people and we did not have to wait at all for most of the rides and shows.

I wrote this postcard for myself and sent it from Town Hall in Disneyland Hong Kong.

This is the back of the postcard. The postmark date is 5 September 2012. We left Hong Kong for Toronto in the morning of 5 September 2012.

#422 Cover and Postcard from Hong Kong

On 4 September 2012, we left Hong Kong and Kowloon for Disneyland Hong Kong!! We stayed in Hollywood Hotel as it was cheaper compared to Disneyland Hotel. I decided to send a postcard and a cover from the hotel to my address in Canada.

This is the postcard.

This is the back of the postcard. The postmark date is 6 September 2012.

This is the cover from the hotel. The postmark date is also 6 September 2012 but I used two HKD 2.40 stamps – it just happened that I had one extra HKD 2.40 stamp.

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