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#199 Cover from Virginia, USA

Today I received a cover from Virginia, USA. It was sent by Alan Li.

On the cover, Alan affixed a set of centennial cherry blossom stamps issued in March 2012. This is a second set of cherry blossom stamps. I really like it. Thanks a lot Alan!

#198 Postcard from Massachusetts, USA

Today I received a postcard from Massachusetts, U.S.A. sent by postcrosser Jenna. Jenna sent me the postcard since she tagged me in the 3+ stamps thread.

Aha, it’s a postcard from Where’s Waldo series! Can you spot the three items mentioned at the back of the postcard?

This is the back of the postcard. Jenna affixed five stamps. Two Forever stamps – one Toy Story stamp and one Statue of Liberty stamp; one 18 cent stamp for American Red Cross and two 1 cent stamps. Thank you very much Jenna!


#197 Cover from Taiwan

Today I received a cover from Taiwan, sent by George Wu.

The cover is the FDC about fishes of Taiwan, 2nd set. This is my second cover of the same issue! Check my item #172. The postmark date is 20 April 2012.

This is the back of the cover. Thanks a lot George!

2012-04-30 Outgoing Mails: 15 covers & 5 postcards

Today’s outgoing mails:

15 covers: Australia, Canada (2x), China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India (2x), Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, UAE, and USA (2x).

5 postcards: Canada (3x), and Malaysia (2x).

#196 Postcard from Victoria, BC

Last item of the week, a postcard from Victoria, British Columbia sent by postcrosser Krystalyn.

The postcard shows the illuminated fountain behind the Parliament of British Columbia at night. It’s very beautiful.

Thanks a lot Krystalyn!

#195 Cover from United Arab Emirates

Next item received is a cover from K.S. Alwy of United Arab Emirates.

On the cover, Alwy affixed two stamps on camel mazayina. The postmark date is 18 April 2012. Thank you very much Alwy!

#194 Postcard from Texas, USA

I received a potcard from Texas, sent by Angie, the author of one of my favorite blogs: Mailbox Happiness.

The postcard shows the state capitol of Texas in Austin. On top right is small map that shows the location of Austin in Texas.

On the back, Angie affixed the Centennial Cherry Blossom stamps! I love it so much!! The postmark date is 21 April 2o12. Thank you very much Angie!

#193 Postcard from Prince Edward Island

I received a postcard from Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada. It was sent by postcrossing forumer cj23.

The postcard shows a picture of the Anne of Green Gables Museum in Silver Bush, Park Corner, PEI.

Thank you very much cj23!

#192 Cover from India

My first contact with India! An Indian cover sent by Vivin.

It’s a long cover. On the cover, Vivin affixed a set of four President’s Fleet Review stamps issued in 2011, and one India International Centre stamp issued in 2012. The postmark date is 3 April 2012. Seems like it takes a little bit of time to travel between Mysore and Ottawa. Thank you Vivin!

#191 Postcard from Washington D.C., USA

I received a postcard from Washington D.C. sent by postcrosser Shana.

Its a multiview postcard of Lincoln Memorial.

The postmark date is 21 April 2012. Thank you Shana!

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