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#57 Cover from Singapore

A cover from Singapore sent by Edmund Ong.

On the cover, Ed affixed a souvenir sheet of three stamps that commemorate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Postmark date is 31 October 2011, and I received it in my mailbox today, 10 November 2011. Thanks Ed!

#56 Postcard from Germany

A postcard from Germany received through postcrossing. It’s from Monika.

It shows multiple pictures of the city Paderborn in Germany.

On the back, Monika affixed a stamp about the fortified church of Biertan in Transylvania, Romania, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thank you Monika.

#55 Cover from Singapore

Another cover from Terence Wong!

Three dragonfly stamps. Postmark date 24 October 2011, I received it in my mailbox on 4 November 2011. Thank you Terence!

#54 Postcard from Netherlands

A postcard from Netherlands received through postcrossing.

Monkeys holding colorful balloons!

I didn’t know that Netherlands produced stamps about postcrossing project! Thank you John.

#53 Cover and Postcard from Singapore

Yesterday I received a letter from Singapore! It’s from Terence Wong.

On the cover, Terence puts four definitive flower stamps. The postmark date is 24 October 2011. It took about a week to arrive in Ottawa.

There is a postcard inside which shows a photo taken by Chu Tzy Ham who won the Amazing Gra(Y)ce photo competition. Thank you very much Terence!

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