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#953 Sultan Ahmed Mosque Postcard from Turkey


A postcard from Turkey, sent by Furkan.

2013-09-21 Turkey a

The postcard shows a view of The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as The Blue Mosque) in Istanbul.

2013-09-21 Turkey b

At the back, Furkan affixed two stamps, one of them is a hexagon-shaped stamp. The postmark date is 3 September 2013. Thanks a lot Furkan!


#677 Cover and Postcard from China


A third cover from Wei Xu of Suzhou, China with postmark date 12-12-12!

2013-03-24 China C (2)

On this cover, Wei Xu affixed four stamps on bridges that are jointly issued by China and Turkey (click here for more info). The stamps feature two gigantic suspension bridges: the Yichang Yangtze Highway Bridge in China and the Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey. Wei Xu affixed one stamp from the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The postmark date is 2012.12.12.

2013-03-24 China C (1)

Inside is another Terracotta Army postcard. Thanks a lot Wei Xu for these three special 12-12-12 covers!

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