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#953 Sultan Ahmed Mosque Postcard from Turkey


A postcard from Turkey, sent by Furkan.

2013-09-21 Turkey a

The postcard shows a view of The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as The Blue Mosque) in Istanbul.

2013-09-21 Turkey b

At the back, Furkan affixed two stamps, one of them is a hexagon-shaped stamp. The postmark date is 3 September 2013. Thanks a lot Furkan!


#921 Postcard from Philippines


A postcard from Philippines, sent by Lannie for mosque – wishlist tag in postcrossing forum.

2013-08-25 Philippines a

The postcard shows a mosque by the beach in Alutauag in Jolo, Sulu archipelago.

2013-08-25 Philippines b

At the back, Lannie affixed three stamps. The postmark date is 18 July 2013. Thanks a lot Lannie!



#712 Cover from Indonesia


A cover from Indonesia, sent by Irene Chen.

2013-04-07 Indonesia

On the cover, Irene affixed one block of three stamps from the Historic Buildings of Worship series. The stamps feature the Puhsarang Church in Kediri, Masjid Agung of Palembang, and Pura Besakih in Bali. The postmark date is 17 January 2013 and the location is Malang. Thanks a lot Irene!

#690 Postcard from Singapore


The third postcard that I send from Singapore while I was there on 30 December 2012.

2013-03-27 Singapore C (2)

This one depicts Masjid Sultan or Sultan Mosque – the largest mosque in Singapore. In fact I bought this postcard in one of the shops opposite the mosque entrance.

2013-03-27 Singapore C (1)

I used one panda stamp but the postmark date is 3 January 2013 – different from my other two postcards which were cancelled with postmark date 31 December 2012.

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